Winter’s Here (But Don’t Forget The PaddleSaver®).


It’s that time of year. It’s winter. The surf up and Mother Nature is testing us. Every once in a while we get reminded who’s really in charge. It’s for exactly those moments that we developed the PaddleSaver®, a tiny patent pending device designed to allow you to swim more efficiently with your paddle should you break your leash and find yourself having to cover some distance.

We’re receiving emails daily from all over the world, not just Hawaii, from our customers and our test crew  who are letting us know how the PaddleSaver® just made their day. Thanks everyone – please keep letting us know your stories, they’re great to hear and invaluable for development.

The PaddleSaver is included with The Spartan, our award winning boardshorts.

Learn more here about the PaddleSaver here.

Check out The Spartan here.

Read the Men’s Journal “Gear of the Year” review on the Spartan here.

Be safe on the water & Happy Holidays.




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