The World's Finest Waterwear

Designed + Tested on Maui

Building better gear for what we live for

We’re a group of friends based on Maui, Hawaii who live for the ocean. We spend every spare moment we can in the water. We're obsessed with making great gear for our different passions. Gear that works in the water, as well as on the beach, on the bike, or even in the gym.

We are a small tight-knit team, which allows us to take our time with the best fabrics we can find, testing and perfecting everything until we have exactly what we want. 

Simply put, we're about building better gear for what we live for.

How we think at Bluesmiths

Research & Development

We seek the finest fabrics and most relevant technologies and then we test rigorously in the most challenging ocean environment we know: Maui, Hawaii.

All of our gear is designed on Maui and tested by a select but widely representative group of ocean athletes, pioneers, watermen & waterwomen.


​​Built to work on land, in the ocean, and everywhere in-between.

We design our gear to work across multiple sports and activities.

From foiling to fitness, from sailing to surfing - we have you covered.

Build Less

We don't want more gear - just better gear.

Everything we create is designed with purpose, engineered to perform & built to last.


Where technology solves problems, we try to use it.

For example, Bluesmiths pioneered the use of NanoSphere®, Schoeller's legendary water repellent technology, in both knit fabrics and ocean sports.


We firmly believe that Timeless Designs + World Class Fabrics + Industry Leading Construction = Less Landfill.

We use bluesign® approved fabrics and technologies where possible, meaning production occurs with a minimum impact on people and environment. 

Ocean Testing - Maui, Hawaii

Michi Schweiger, Product Developer, Maui
Kane DeWild Maui Hawaii wingfoil foil surf bluesmiths
Kane de Wilde, Hydrofoil Engineer, Maui
Loch Eggers Bluesmiths Darrell Wong Spartan's Reef 2012
Loch Eggers, Waterman, Maui
Jimmy Spithill, Professional Sailor, Maui
Jason Polakow, Professional Windsurfer, Maui

Research & Development

We’re based out of Maui, Hawaii for a good reason. We think it’s the best place in the world to build, test and develop new gear.

There’s a real pioneering attitude here, especially towards ocean-sports. It’s like a real-time research and development lab, where everyone wears board-shorts, not lab-coats. It’s an inspiring place to be for Bluesmiths and the perfect testing ground for our products.

Here are some firsts pioneered by Bluesmiths:


Bluesmiths is the first and only brand to combine Schoeller of Switzerland's legendary NanoSphere® water repellent technology with a high performance knit.

The result? A brand new class of functional apparel designed to perform in a wide variety of activities, both on and off the water.

Non-Corrosive Materials

Tired of corroded metal zippers or damage from velcro forcing early retirement of your favorite board shorts?

We were too, so we eliminated metal zippers on our award-winning Spartan Shorts, opting for YKKs recycled plastic ones instead.

We also passed on velcro in order to enhance durability and comfort.


Our patented PaddleSaver® is an optional attachment to The Spartan Board Shorts. Born out of necessity (we’ve had some really long swims back to shore), the PaddleSaver makes it easier to swim with a paddle if you break your leash and become unattached from your board.