Our doors are open


We are live.

Having scoured the world for the most advanced fabrics and technologies and having tested them to near exhaustion in the Bluesmiths R&D Lab (otherwise known as Maui and the waters off its North Shore), we`ve finally built the garments we wanted.

It took a long time but we have built gear which we believe out-performs, out-lasts and out-fits anything we can find.  

So this is the starting point and we`re excited to launch.

We hope you`ll join us here at Bluesmiths.com to learn all about our products and innovations and to read The Flatbed (this blog), which we`ll update regularly. 

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John & The Bluesmiths Team

Sizing Guide


Condition: Measure ones body without the weight or bulk of clothes that may affect dimensions.

Height Target: Physical height.

Weight Target: Physical weight.

Chest Target (Men): Chest dimension at widest point, measured over peak of pectoral and lat muscles.

Chest Target (Women): Chest dimension at widest point, on Women usually measured at peak of bust.

Waist Target: Actual true waist dimension (the narrowest part of the torso, above the high hip bone, above where one normally

wears the waist of one's pants).

Full Hip Target: At the widest point of the low hips, at the fullest point of the seat or buttocks.

Inseam Target: With the pant snugged firmly into the crotch, from the center seam of the crotch, measure down along the leg,

past the ankle bone, to the floor, standing with feet at shoulder width.