SUP AWARDS - Voting for the 4th Annual SUP Magazine Awards has begun!

By now you can probably tell we are an ocean-obsessive bunch at Bluesmiths. A large part of what we make is credited to our friends and athletes who are equally driven in the ocean. We are indebted to them and extremely grateful for their support which makes it awesome to have so many of our ambassadors nominated for the 2014 SUP Awards!

The awards were created by SUP Magazine and recognize the absolute best that the sport has to offer. Categories include Top Male and Female PaddlersMovie of the Year, Top Expedition and Top Philanthropic Effort.


Long time friend, ambassador and recent Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Champion, Sonni Hoenscheid, has not only become a staple on the Maui downwind paddle scene but is also one of the politest, most respectful and most understated athletes there is and we are stoked she is nominated for SUP magazine's Top Female Paddler of the Year.

Fellow Bluesmiths ambassador Andrea Möller, also nominated in the Top Female paddler of the year category, is not only one of the world's best outrigger canoe (OC) and stand-up paddlers, she's also the first female ever to paddle into Jaws.

Another nominee in the Top Female paddler of the year category is Maui's Suzie Cooney. Suzie is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic trainer, mentor and ocean athlete we know.

We are further thrilled to find BLUESMITHS Paddle Imua event in the list of nominees for Top Philanthropic Effort. Getting out on the ocean AND benefiting those in need: It's a guaranteed win-win.

It's a real shame we can't vote for all of the great athletes and causes listed! Follow the link to check them all out, learn more and cast your vote:

Mahalo and aloha,


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