At Bluesmiths we build the hardest-working, most versatile waterwear in the world.

Based in Maui, Hawaii, we live for real innovation & problem solving, best-in-class fabrics, timeless styling and uncompromising manufacturing standards.

Hydrophobic Shirts

Exclusive to Bluesmiths: Hydrophobic Shirts with NanoSphere® From Schoeller of Switzerland.

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Announcing The Lane Hydrophobic Shirt for Women

November 28, 2014

Built specifically to eliminate the chill associated with wet rash guards and loose fit water tees, our Hydrophobic Collection with NanoSphere is both unique and exclusive to Bluesmiths.

Jamie Sterling - Movember GoPro North Shore Action

November 26, 2014


Jamie Sterling slicks out Movember in our Lava Red Spartan Shorts. Watch the video.....

Why we build our gear

November 15, 2014

It's for days like this that we build our gear.



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