Fall/Winter Essentials

As temperatures drop, and swell comes up– be prepared with gear that'll allow you to stay in the water longer.

Perofrmance Hoodie
The Kula

The Swiss-Army knife of hoodies–this is performance outerwear that does it all. Keeping your body temperature regulated in almost any conditions, the wind + water resistant design packs down easily for travel.

It's the most versatile garment you'll ever own.

Hydrophobic Tops
The Kanaha

Our exclusive hydrophobic (water repellent) shirts stay drier for longer, meaning you’re more comfortable and you perform better - both on and off the water.

Impeccable construction and a tailored fit combined make these the best watertops on the market.


Regularly reviewed as the world's finest and best board shorts, our Spartan Shorts are luxurious, tailored, hydrophobic (water repellent) and built to last.

They are the only pair you'll need - both in and out of the water.