Special Forces TV Star Jason Fox Test Drives The Kula Windpro Hoodie

Photo Credit: Jason Fox/Bremont

Stoked to see Jason Carl Fox in our Kula Windpro Hoodie! Those in the UK will know Foxy as one of the Ex-Special Forces operators in the SAS Who Dares Wins Channel 4 TV Series. As a former Royal Marine Commando and Special Boat Service (SBS) Sergeant, Jason has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder "PTSD" and is making positive awareness of this very real issue. 

It means a lot to us at Bluesmiths to in some way receive the approval of someone as accomplished as Jason. The Special Boat Service is essentially the UK's equivalent of the US Navy Seals. In the United Kingdom, the SBS is a sister to the SAS, the Special Air Service. Selection is identical but Jason and his crew have additional training in maritime and amphibious combat. 

If this leaves you in any doubt as to his waterman credentials, Jason's also rowed across the Atlantic for the NSPCC charity!

So this all makes Jason not only a great protector of the United Kingdom and the free world, but also a great tester of our ocean apparel!

Keep up the solid work, Jason! 


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