Jimmy Spithill & Crew First Hydro Foil Sailing Mission NYC to Bermuda | BLUESMITHS

Ocean Firsts

As you all know, we celebrate ocean pioneering here at Bluesmiths. So it’ll be no surprise that when we got this call, we wanted in.

Our friend and America’s Cup wining professional sailor, Shannon Falcone let us in on a secret mission. He and Oracle Team USA Skipper Jimmy Spithill would be sailing from New York to Bermuda in a DNA F4 – a 46 foot foiling catamaran. This had never been done before. It would represent a true Ocean First.

We didn’t catch a ride on the boat this time but Shannon, Jimmy and the Team Falcon crew did wear Bluesmiths clothing: The Kula Windpro Hoodie, The Kanaha Hydrophobic Shirt and The Spartan Hydrophobic Shorts.

“We went from pushing the boat for performance…into survival mode,”

 “These were the biggest waves I’ve faced in a multi-hull and hopefully don’t ever have to experience again."

Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Team USA & America's Cup Winning Skipper

Check out the photos below.

Watch the video here:

For more, head to Redbull - Redbull.com/FlyingOnWater  /

The Action Red Bull Bluesmiths Sailing NYC Statue of Liberty Foiling Catamaran

New York City Sailing Hudson River Manhattan- Bluesmiths Maui Hawaii

Open Ocean Sailing - Flying on Water - Bluesmiths

Open Ocean Sailing - Flying on Water - Bluesmiths NYC Spithill Falcone

Shannon Falcone Grinder & Pro Sailor Kula Windpro Hoodie Bluesmiths

Pro Sailor Boat Preparation in The Kula Windpro Hoodie Newport Red Bull Foiling Catamaran

Emily Nagle Sailor Flying on  Water NYC to Bermuda Red Bull Next Generation - Bluesmiths

Skipper Team Falcon and Oracle Team USA Jimmy Spithill Charting

Open Ocean Sailing - Flying on Water - F4 DNA Catamaran- Bluesmiths

Red Bull Bluesmiths Sailing Project Catamaran Newport

Bluesmiths Kanaha Hydrophobic Shirt Red Bull Sailing Project Foiling Catamaran

Team Falcon: Bermuda Arrival of Spithill Falcone & Sailing Crew | Bluesmiths

Congrats to the Team Falcon crew: Jimmy Spithill, Shannon Falcone, Cy Thompson, Rome Kirby, Tommy Loughboro, Emily Nagel.

Thanks to Red Bull for making this happen. Thanks to all of the other sponsors for allowing us in for the ride: North Sails, Bermuda, Sperry, NewportShipyard, Bluesmiths Crafted Waterwear, MustangSurvival, GoPro Gorilla Rigging, FutureFibres, HollandComposit, DNAPerformanceSailing, SevenStar, HARKEN


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