Sptihill, Falcone & Rice: Hydrofoil Sailing - From The America's Cup to The Open Ocean

Bluesmiths teamed up with Shannon Falcone & Jimmy Spithill, skipper of Oracle Team USA, as they completed the first foiling mission from NYC to Bermuda. Check out the following trailer to the  Flying on Water Documentary which just aired on OutsideTV

With the imminent commencement of the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda, 2017 is starting to feel like The Year of the Hydrofoil.

Shannon Falcone, along with professional snowboarder Travis Rice and crew, then took the legendary DNA F4 offshore foiling cat on another mission. You can check Travis' trailer below.   

Just before the snow started to stack this winter I had the opportunity to take a 1000 mile sea trial of the new F4 with Shannon Falcone @racingsf. This trip blew my mind to what the future of offshore sailing has in store and was by far the most intense sailing I have ever done personally. This future craft is a 46 foot carbon performance catamaran built for foiling offshore. [LINK IN BIO 2 WATCH] shot on @GoPro - I had the pleasure of joining 3 professional sailors along with Shannon, @tloughboro @cythompson1 @shafferj as I am purely a hobbyist. We left on the heels of the ‘Falcon’ and @Jspithill (Jimmy is the Skipper of Oracle Team USA) sailing from NYC to Bermuda, I recommend watching the ‘Flying On Water’ documentary on @OutsideTV about that trip, presented by @RedBull. It has all the juicy details of the genesis story for the F4. They sailed to Bermuda where the 35th America’s Cup is held. LVCS starts this Friday the 26th! Watch live via the @americascup app! Next month the F4 will be sailing around Bermuda during the AC Finals starting on June 17th, go for a ride if you find yourself there! @North_Sails @oracleteamusa @tourdefoil. #sailfasthavefun For more info go to www.tourdefoil.com

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You can watch the full edit HERE.

Mahalo to Jimmy Spithill, Shannon Falcone, Emily Nagel,  Rome Kirby, CY Thompson, Tommy Loughborough, Travis Rice and all the support and film crew that made these projects happen. 

Jimmy Spithill Oracle Team USA Skipper | Bluesmiths

Jimmy Spithill - America's Cup winner and Skipper of Oracle Team USA

Kanaha Hydrophobic Shirt Americas Cup Sailor

Bluesmiths Kanaha Hydrophobic Shirt in grind mode!

Bluesmiths Kula Wind Protection Sailing Jacket

Travis Rice Professional Snowboarder and Shannon Falcone Professional Sailor | Bluesmiths

Shannon Falcone, Professional Sailor

Travis Rice, Professional Snowboarder

DNA F4 Boat Before Redbull Logos | Bluesmiths

The DNA F4, a robust open-ocean foiling cat

Hydrofoil Boat DNA F4 Redbull | Bluesmiths

 Photos: tourdefoil.com

Learn more about the DNA F4 boat and the latest projects HERE

Good luck to Jimmy and the rest of the crew competing from this weekend in the 35th Americas Cup! 

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