Access Campaign: Moab, Utah

What does National Geographic photographer Ben Horton bring on a paddleboarding adventure shoot in the middle of the desert? Our hydrophobic gear made the list.

Check out his essentials here:

"Moab, Utah is a four drive from where I spent most of my life in Colorado. If the plan is to do a long downriver stretch of flat water, or if you’re paddling in the summer, there are better options than your typical outdoor clothing."


'"Normal” outdoor gear is made for dirt and sweat, but not really made for getting splashed, falling into the river, and fending off freak storms all at the same time."


 "I was not surprised at all to find that Bluesmith's was what I ended up wearing every day out here. Their hydrophobic water wear kept me dry, even on days like this when the weather wasn’t quite sure if it wanted to rain or snow."



"There are few places in the world where so many different sports cross paths like they do in Moab."

"There’s a new sport in Moab now: Stand-up paddleboarders are discovering that their sport is not limited to the ocean, but that a SUP can be the perfect way to explore the hidden landscapes accessible only by the river."

Sometimes the least expected locations for paddling are often the most rewarding.

Mahalo Ben for another epic paddle adventure.

Learn more about his adventure crew:



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