Tom Morey, inventor of the modern bodyboard, visits Bluesmiths

It’s always great to have visitors. At Bluesmiths, we never know who might drop in. This Wednesday we were honored when Sol Morey and “The Morey Challenge” crew stopped by with the inventor of the modern bodyboard, Tom Morey.

It was great to see Sol again and to chat to Tom. Tom is a wealth of information. He spoke to us about his invention and how his affinity to music and the music of the time resulted in the his invention being coined the  "Boogie Board." But Tom was mainly inquisitive about what we are up to at Bluesmiths and letting us know what he as a surfer really needs. He went through our entire line, asked the sort of questions we expected of an inventor, and gave us some great ideas. Look for some interesting development concepts in the near future!

Sol and his crew, all avid watermen and ocean sports community builders, are running a new style of event for everyone of all abilities and with all paddle crafts. It kicks off this Sunday 15th September in Kihei at 10am. If you are on Maui, it’s going to be well worth heading over to Kalama Park.

Click here to learn more.


Thanks Sol, Tom, Will and Pat – good luck with the event.



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