Our season-extending, hydrophobic ocean shirts were just featured in SUP The Mag’s Summer issue. The magazine said we “nailed it” with our NanoSphere shirts which keep the paddler warm when wet and cool when hot.

Thanks to Joe Carberry and the crew for taking the time to test our shirts – we’re glad you found they worked great in any condition!

Click the following to learn more about our hydrophobic ocean shirts and how these really will extend your summer, whether you are paddling, kiting, sailing or windsurfing:

THE LANE - Men's Short Sleeve

THE KANAHA - Men's Long Sleeve

THE WOMEN'S KANAHA - Women's Long Sleeve



We’ve had some great SUP racing results this summer, both on the downwind courses here in Hawaii and on the flat water.

German SUP and surf champion and longtime Bluesmiths athlete, Sonni Hönscheid, finished third place in the legendary Molokai to Oahu World Championships this summer. Sonni also won the Lost Mills International SUP Race in Germany. These photos of Sonni were taken just 24 hours before the Molokai. We could tell she was ready. 

Maui based downwind expert, Jeremy Riggs (Paddle With Riggs), continues to show incredible form on the Maliko Run. Jeremy finished 2nd in both in the Maui Paddleboard Championships and Paddle Imua.

Congratulations Sonni and Jeremy!

Thanks all! Have a great Labor Day Weekend and see you on the water.

Aloha and mahalo,

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