In a nutshell: It's awesome! – The Distressed Mullet on Bluesmiths’ Kanaha Paddle Shirts


Have a read of the Distressed Mullet’s review of The Kanaha, our hydrophobic water shirt, which is available at in Men’s and Women’s versions.

It’s great to hear Katie’s thoughts on the water repellent aspect in particular. We tested dozens of fabrics and technologies to find exactly what we wanted – that versatile garment that not only keeps us cool in the sun or when we`re paddling hard, but which also which also keeps us warm by drying as quick as possible.

We’re a big fan of Schoeller of Switzerland’s NanoSphere® fabric technology. When combined with our ultra-fast drying performance fabric, it creates a unique water shirt. We’re still excited to be only brand ever to apply NanoSphere® to a knit garment. We’re even more excited to have others in our world discover the benefits.

Thanks to Katie and John and the crew at the Distressed Mullet for reviewing our gear! 

Read the review here

You can follow the Distressed Mullet on Facebook or check them out at


The Women's Kanaha - 

(Color shown: Storm Blue)


The Men's Kanaha - 

 (Color shown: Deepsea Blue)


We also offer the same fabric in a short sleeved version for Men called The Lane, shown below in Reef Blue. 




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