The Kula: The Ultimate Surf and Travel Hoodie


The design brief for The Kula was simple: create the finest, hardest-wearing, most-comfortable, best-fitting hoodie that exists. We wanted it to be timeless. The kind of garment you’d want to wear all day, every day. In other words, it needed to be better than anything we’d seen. Ever. (At Bluesmiths we don’t do half measures.)

We began our hoodie challenge with fabric. It had to be extremely lightweight and comfortable. Plus, wind-, water- and abrasion resistant. Twenty-four months later and more testing and perfecting than we have space to tell you about and we think we’ve finally cracked it.

The Kula hoodie is crafted from Polartec’s legendary WindPro® fleece and trimmed with laser cut and bonded custom-stretch nylon from Schoeller of Switzerland. It’s tailored to Bluesmiths’ exacting design and take-no-prisoners standards of quality to create the ultimate in fit and comfort.

When the first Kula got back from the factory in Canada, we persuaded some friends to star in the photo shoot. From what we’ve heard, they haven’t taken off their Kula since. You can check out The Kula Hoodie here.

Thanks to Franck Berthuot (Berthuot | Visuals) for the photos and to great friends Jason Prior and Frank Forbes for throwing on The Kula.

Aloha, Bluesmiths




Sizing Guide


Condition: Measure ones body without the weight or bulk of clothes that may affect dimensions.

Height Target: Physical height.

Weight Target: Physical weight.

Chest Target (Men): Chest dimension at widest point, measured over peak of pectoral and lat muscles.

Chest Target (Women): Chest dimension at widest point, on Women usually measured at peak of bust.

Waist Target: Actual true waist dimension (the narrowest part of the torso, above the high hip bone, above where one normally

wears the waist of one's pants).

Full Hip Target: At the widest point of the low hips, at the fullest point of the seat or buttocks.

Inseam Target: With the pant snugged firmly into the crotch, from the center seam of the crotch, measure down along the leg,

past the ankle bone, to the floor, standing with feet at shoulder width.