“An incredibly well designed product, with the technical credentials to match. Truly 5 star.” Aquaite on The Spartan Short


Huge thanks to David Swift, founder of Aquaite, for surprise testing our Spartan shorts out in the British Virgin Isles. 

David founded Aquaite as a natural lifestyle brand to promote living a fun, active, outdoor life. Aquaite`s just starting out, too, and already makes some excellent products.

In our eyes, David`s in a great position to test our Spartan shorts. Not only is he a hugely talented windsurfer and surfer, just like his brother (professional windsurfer Robby Swift), he`s also got a great eye for detail. Looking at the gear his company makes and from our hands-on testing of the impeccably crafted Walnut iPhone 5 case, he seems to be doing a great job.

You can read the Aquaite review and learn more about the company here.

You can follow Aquaite on Facebook here.

Keep up the good work, David, and thanks for the review!



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