Research and Development – A Little Help from our Friends


We’re actually a really small bunch of people at Bluesmiths. Take our R&D team, for example. It’s essentially our friends; it’s just that we’re really lucky to have friends who are really good at what they do.

Recently we got the call that someone was charging in the Makani Classic at Ho’okipa Beach Park wearing our Spartan boardshorts, so we rushed to check it out on the AWT live cam. And there was Jason Polakow. 


Jason’s a windsurfer – among other things – and a good one. In fact, he’s quite possibly the best wave-sailor ever, a multiple world champion who’ll likely be remembered for both his unique wave-riding style and his full-bore commitment both on and off the water. If you’re ever in Maui, you’ll want stop by Ho’okipa on a solid swell to check him out. He’s easy to spot on the water; you simply can’t miss him. If you can’t get to Maui, however, you can follow Jason on Facebook here or on Red Bull`s website here.

We were excited to see Jason wearing our shorts not only because it’s a great compliment, but also – and more importantly – because it’s from people like Jason that we can learn the most about how to make our gear even better. Not to mention that it’s Jason’s type of exacting needs and infectious enthusiasm that motivates us. So thanks, Jason, for continuing to test the Spartan by wearing them in the water. We really appreciate it!

We actually have a bunch of athletes and adventurers involved in R&D at Bluesmiths – many of whom are pioneers in their respective worlds – and we’ll be introducing them to you over the next few months. In the meantime, though, we’d like to thank all the water-based crew who have inspired and supported us over the past few years. Your opinions and ideas and help have made our job both much harder and much easier this year! We can’t wait to keep moving forward in 2013.



Photos: Kevin Pritchard – Follow the incredibly talented K­­­­evin Pritchard at

Rider: Jason Polakow

Gear: Learn more about our Men`s Journal Gear of the Year winning Spartan shorts here.


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