Bluesmiths + Hawaiian Canoe Club - Shoreline Protection


We have partnered again with the Hawaiian Canoe Club in Maui to help them protect the shoreline around their club in Kahului Harbor from erosion. Read more here.

If you`re in Maui, we highly recommend visiting the club. Not only does it provide a great service to its members and the local community, it also acts as a fantastic host to so many of the Maui events - like the Paddle Imua Benefit race, which Bluesmiths presents.

We`re hatching plans for Paddle Imua 2013 right now. We want to ensure we raise as much as possible for Camp Imua`s deserving special needs kids. 

More on that soon. In the meantime, enjoy this reminder from Paddle Imua 2012 of legendary Maui-based windsurfer and artist Mickey Eskimo being interviewed.

To learn more about the Hawaiian Canoe Club, please visit their website here.

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