The Spartan - Great for audio-fueled training on and off the water


Do your performance shorts have cable management? We think they should. The Spartan does. 

We designed The Spartan short to work great as a cross-over surf and fitness short, which is why we added cable management to two of the three pockets.

So whether you`re paddling, cycling, running or simply cruising, you`re able to listen to your favorite tunes without losing your device. 

Oh, and before we forget, all three pockets fit an iPhone in a LifeProof (TM) iPhone case, so now there really is no reason not to extend your audio fueled training to the water.

See you out there.




Sizing Guide


Condition: Measure ones body without the weight or bulk of clothes that may affect dimensions.

Height Target: Physical height.

Weight Target: Physical weight.

Chest Target (Men): Chest dimension at widest point, measured over peak of pectoral and lat muscles.

Chest Target (Women): Chest dimension at widest point, on Women usually measured at peak of bust.

Waist Target: Actual true waist dimension (the narrowest part of the torso, above the high hip bone, above where one normally

wears the waist of one's pants).

Full Hip Target: At the widest point of the low hips, at the fullest point of the seat or buttocks.

Inseam Target: With the pant snugged firmly into the crotch, from the center seam of the crotch, measure down along the leg,

past the ankle bone, to the floor, standing with feet at shoulder width.