Now we`re talking: Bluesmiths + Twitter


We just changed our Twitter name.  We`re now simply Bluesmiths. Follow us here as we design/make/test/perfect our Bluesmiths gear and explore our ocean playground.

The photo above was taken on our first Bluesmiths photo shoot and it was the last swell of the 2011/2012 winter here in Maui. This is Loch Eggers. Loch`s been paddling all his life, which is one reason he`s more than just comfortable on a 14 foot race board in surf. It`s great having pioneers like Loch on the Bluesmiths team. There`s never a dull moment on the water. If our gear works for guys like Loch, that`s a sign we`re on track. 

Thanks for all your time, effort and support, Loch.



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