5 Stars - "..far removed from the performance of a rash vest or anything else I’ve worn when paddling"

It's always great to wake up to good news - like a five star review, for example! That's exactly what happened today.

We are stoked and grateful to read what the crew at SUPboarder in the UK said about our long sleeved hydrophobic (water repellent) shirt, The Kanaha, after testing it all summer:

5 Stars - "..far removed from the performance of a rash vest or anything else I’ve worn when paddling....Fall in and by the time you stand up again its virtually dry."

Thanks so much to SUPboarder Magazine for putting our Kanaha Hydrophobic Shirt to the test in UK waters.

Read why Chris Jones gave it 5 stars here: http://bit.ly/2daL3Yw

Learn more or buy now here: http://bit.ly/2daKmOR

 Bluesmiths Hydrophobic Water Repellent Shirts

Bluesmiths Hydrophobic (Water Repellent) UPF Protection Shirts in action.

Our thoughts here at Bluesmiths:

We brought Shoeller's NanoSphere technology to ocean sports to specifically solve the problem of cold wet rash vests and sun shirts. That clingy, cold feeling from wet UPF shirts hugely degrades an athlete's performance. It can also be dangerous if the windchill is too severe. In places like the UK where the water's a little colder than Hawaii, our hydrophobic shirts this makes perfect sense to us. Even in Hawaii, our shirts cut windchill whilst giving great sun protection. All this means more time on the water.

So, whether you call it a rash guard, a sun shirt or a water repellent shirt, one thing is for sure, our Bluesmiths Hydrophobic Shirt collection offers groundbreaking solutions for anyone in and around the ocean - We're just stoked that the crew at Supboarder in the UK found the same!

Mahalo Chris & the Crew!

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