Suzie Cooney's New Book Release: How To Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance

We have been working with Maui Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) athlete & fitness trainer Suzie Cooney over the past few year. During this time she has relentlessly developed her training program over at Suzie Trains Maui. Suzie trains water athletes of all abilities with sport specific training routines designed to maximize water time. Suzie addresses an athlete's individual needs of every nature for a complete training program. Her motivation and coaching techniques have been an inspiration for the sport and we're stoked to work with her.

Her next venture has taken her SUP coaching to another level. Check out her newly released book -- How To Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance. It is an invaluable tool and resource for any paddler and features many of our crew. She offers step by step photographs on how to improve your paddling performance and training.  Her training tips are tailored for paddlers of any ability from beginner to elite. It is available online at Amazon HERE in a hard copy or a downloadable kindle version.

Don't forget to check out her website for additional training advice and individual training consultation.

Congratulations Suzie on the release!



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