"NEVER GIVE UP” America’s Cup Winner Jimmy Spithill on the Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Stand Up Paddleboard Crossing (SUP)

Every year, the world's best paddlers compete in The Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships. The M2O is a grueling 32 mile open ocean paddle race across waters known as "The Channel of Bones". The race is so tough - that the simple act of completing it represents an achievement at the pinnacle of paddlesports.

We at Bluesmiths are announcing the release of "Never Give Up", a short documentary film about the experiences of James “Jimmy” Spithill in the 2014 Molokai.

Jimmy Spithill - Eyes on Oahu - Bluesmiths

Eyes on Oahu: Mid Channel

Jimmy Spithill needs no introduction. He is an accomplished Australian yachtsman and two-time winner of the America’s Cup as skipper of Oracle Team USA. His team's comeback victory in the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco is etched in sporting's hall of fame.

We met up with Jimmy at the famed Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki, Honolulu to talk story before heading to Molokai and filming the race back to Oahu. Amongst other things, we wanted to know what lessons he could bring from the America's Cup that would help him in The Molokai 2 Oahu. This is what Jimmy had to say:

"The Molokai is one of the ultimate tests in the ocean for a waterman and athlete to go through."

“One of the biggest lessons I learned from the America’s Cup is that......you never give up. It doesn’t matter how tough the situation looks......, if you’re still in the race, you’ve got a shot.

That attitude......is exactly what the Molokai 2 Oahu race is all about.”

 Teamwork: Expert Paddler and Jimmy's coach for the crossing, Scott Trudon, provides the fuel

Jimmy Spithill - Molokai to Oahu 2014 - Bluesmiths

Jimmy Spithill - Molokai to Oahu 2014 - Bluesmiths

Jimmy Spithill - Molokai to Oahu 2014 - Bluesmiths

Jimmy Spithill Finishes Molokai to Oahu 2014 - Bluesmiths

Watermen Jimmy Spithill & Dave Kalama

Watermen Jimmy Spithill & Dave Kalama 

Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this short film. In particular, thanks to Jimmy Spithill again for his time, encouragement, inspiration and support. For such a small brand like Bluesmiths, it is an honor to have Jimmy wearing our gear.

Big thanks also to:

Cathy Ryan - For making this happen
Scott Trudon & Ashley Akers - For all the help on and off the water
Molokai2Oahu - For the impeccable event organization
The Outrigger Canoe Club - For their hospitality
Giora Koren & Franck Berthuot & Nick Bicanic - For the great filming and editing
Ocean Paddler TV - For extra footage and the support
RedBull, Oracle Team USA & The America's Cup

We wanted to wish all of our friends the very best in the 2015 Molokai, especially Sonni Hoenscheid who is defending her 2014 win. Jimmy will not be racing this year due to racing commitments and is still recovering from a surgery. He just let us know he'll be back at the Molokai in 2016.

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