Happy International Surfing Day!

Happy International Surfing Day, whatever your choice of craft.

This photo was taken by Darrell Wong in late 2012 on a spontaneous shoot off Maui, Hawaii. It represented one of the finest days of stand-up paddling we have ever had here in Maui. This glassy, and this far off-shore (about a mile). We waited about 10 years for this.

For us at Bluesmiths, one of the greatest things about our sports is that no two days are ever the same. Specific conditions are almost impossible to predict. That means that the rewards come to those most patient. And there is nobody more persistent, than Loch Eggers.


Have a great day in the ocean.





Rider: Loch Eggers
Photo: Darrell Wong
Location: Undisclosed offshore reef, Maui, Hawaii.
Date: Fall, 2012
Equipment: Bluesmiths Award Winning Spartan Ocean Shorts & The Lane Hydrophobic Shirt, Naish Hokua Stand-up Paddle Gun 9'8''


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