Paddle with Riggs . . . Paddle IMUA 2014

Can’t wait to race on Saturday . . .

Jeremy Riggs is a renowned downwind specialist for the world famous and prestigious “Maliko run”. How does he spend his day preparing for races, where is his focus, what drives him . . . A day in the life of Jeremy Riggs getting ready for the Paddle IMUA 2013.

Race day! Few butterflies in my stomach. Starting off with a good breakfast discussing the world with my two little gems Ruby and Natalie. Taking my mind off the race trying to relax and just chill.

Last minute phone calls. Getting organized. Got my ice water all packed, boards strapped to the car, sunscreen on, wearing my Bluesmiths sun protective watershirt – think I got it all. Ready!

Dropped one car off at the harbor, driving up to Maliko, getting lost in looking at Maui’s beautiful shoreline. It’s a beautiful, sunny day. Hope the wind picks up. This could be a tough one . . .

Made it to Maliko thanks to my wonderful and supportive wife Jill. Boy, the place is packed. One-and-a-half hours left before the race starts, wondering how tight the starting line will be.

Getting pumped! Getting together with all racers in the traditional Hawaiian Pule, blessing all competitors and asking the ocean and winds to be in our favor.

Minutes before the start. Where’s the best place to line up. Waiting for the horn to blow.

Off we go. The water feels like a boiling pot all whirled up by the hundreds of paddles and arms disrupting the surface.

Turning the corner at Maliko. Paddlers immediately spread out. Everyone has their own strategy. Bumps are small outside Maliko and the wind is unusually light. Going pretty hard but need to save energy.

Feeling good. Got my rhythm. Got my music. Bumps are getting better. Just keep on gliding

Final stretch. It’s hot and the water is calm. So ready to hit the beach and see my family.

Stoked – 2nd place. Podium for the second year in a row. Now time for some cold beverages and a massage.

The Paddle IMUA 2014 is right around the corner. If you want to meet some of the most decorated and respected ocean athletes in the world, Paddle Imua is THE place to be. You’ll paddle with and meet legendary athletes including Bluesmiths ambassadors, Jeremy Riggs, Andrea Moller, Junya McGurn, Chris Pagdilao, Loch Eggers, Suzie Clooney and Sonni Hoenscheid. Big wave surfer and SUP pioneer Dave Kalama, among other notable athletes, will also be in attendance again this year.

There’s no better way to kick-off racing season on Maui than with the Paddle Imua Benefit Race for Children with Special Needs. It takes place this Saturday May 3rd and you can still register and learn more about it at

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